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Doosan E&C We’ve Championship vows to make a comeback at KLPGA

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“I think golf is a sport where you think it’s going to go your way, but it doesn’t, and when you put your mind down, it goes up again. This year, I’m going to see how far I can go, and I’m going to do it with the mindset of watching myself.”

Heading into the Doosan E&C We’ve Championship, the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour’s domestic opener for the 2024 season (KRW 1.2 billion in prize money, KRW 216 million for the winner), Lim (24, Doosan E&C) feels hardened by her trials.

Last year, she suffered the after-effects of a car accident and had her slowest season since her professional debut. He even took a month and a half off the tour in the middle of the season. After recovering somewhat, she returned to the tour and made a clear comeback with one runner-up finish and seven top-10 finishes. In April 2022, Lim was involved in a car accident that totaled her car while traveling to a Pro-Am event, but two months later, she won the Korean Women’s Open in June by the lowest score in history. Her victory was considered the “brightest one minute of the KLPGA.

But the after-effects of the car accident did not leave her easily. “My body was swollen and I was in so much pain that I didn’t know what to do. I was in so much pain that I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to play golf well, but my body wasn’t cooperating,” she says. In June of last year, Shin Ji-ae, 36, 안전놀이터 추천 who plays on the Japan Tour, called Lim after reading an article about her struggles. Following Shin’s advice, she began professional rehabilitation with professional trainer Song Hyuk. She strictly controlled her diet and rest. His body started to feel better again.

He trained in Thailand. “I trained on grass, focusing on putting and approach, so as not to overexert myself,” he said, “and awakened the senses in my body that had become dull.

With five career wins (two majors), including three in her rookie year in 2019, Lim’s goals for this year are to win the grand prize and the money list. More important than those goals is her ability to control the flow of her game.

Although she didn’t win a title last year, she continued to impress with her good deeds. At the end of the year, he donated 25 million won to the Korean Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with his fan club “Yesa” (short for “pretty desert fox,” his nickname). Lim and her fans donated 22 million won in 2021 and 30 million won in 2022. Fans set up a “Birdie Fund” for each eagle and birdie she makes in tournaments, and she contributes to it. “I wanted to pass on the energy and emotion I received from my fans, who support me no matter how good or bad my performance, to the children who are going through a difficult time,” she said.

A former amateur national team member, Lim was happy to see her junior teammates win the World Championship last year and the Queen Sirikit Cup this year.

“It awakened my childhood dream of being at the top of the domestic stage and playing on the LPGA Tour,” she said.

The Doosan E&C We’ve Golf Team, of which Lim is a member, has chosen five essentials (Have, Live, Love, Save, and Solve) to promote the excellence of We’ve and its five meanings. They connect their personality and charm with the essentials. Yoo Hyun Joo chose “Have,” a space that she wants to have, Lee Hyun Joo chose “Live,” a space of joy, Park Kyung Eun chose “Love,” a space of love and happiness, Kim Min Sol chose “Save,” a space of frugal living, and Lim Hee Jung chose “Solve,” a space where problems in life are solved.

Lim is a “solver” who overcame a difficult childhood, a difficult family situation, and a slump that led to alopecia areata. One of the highlights of the season will be watching how Lim, who has one of the most accurate shots in Korea, deals with her challenges.

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