Everything You Need to Know About Landscaping

ny specialized specialists for success. Professional landscapers may include horticulturists or engineers who collaborate with designers and builders on projects from inception through completion.

Before Making Landscape Decisions- Before making landscape decisions, be aware of your personal and spatial limitations. For example, in areas prone to drought such as Nevada or California a sandy Zen garden might not be feasible.
1. Curb Appeal

Home landscaping projects can be extremely effective at increasing the value of your property, which is why many real estate agents will recommend such projects when selling homes.

An easy landscaping project like trimming overgrown bushes can instantly increase curb appeal and make a home seem more welcoming, while planting trees provides added value and adds visual interest to the front yard.

Clean windows and gutters can give your home an updated, fresh appearance. Furthermore, creating a walkway of pavers or stone will add even more charm and contrast to your front yard; even small gardens featuring colorful blooms such as hydrangeas or daylilies will bring fresh colors.
2. Health

Health is of utmost importance in any landscaping project. High-quality landscapers take an integrative approach to their work and always seek ways to enhance the environment around them. Landscaping can reduce erosion by binding soil together using grass, ground cover, shrubs and trees; as well as helping lower temperature by blocking sunlight with grasses or blocking sun with trees (thereby decreasing “heat island effect”) in cities; finally it also absorbs carbon dioxide which releases oxygen which promotes cleaner air for your home or business.
3. Wildlife

Many homes are situated close to natural wildlife areas, and what homeowners choose to do with their yards and neighborhoods has a significant effect on local fauna. Planting for wildlife encourages diversity within communities while giving people a chance to view wildlife from close range.

Planting various species is essential to wildlife and helps prevent drastic landscape changes caused by disease or insect pests. Plants which provide a wide array of habitat features for animals – shelter, food sources and water sources – add even greater value.

Make sure your landscape includes vertical layering by including ground cover, herbaceous plants and trees at different heights to add ground coverage and height gradients that eliminate the gap between ground level and tree canopy and attract wildlife. This will also increase aesthetic value.
4. Energy Efficiency

Landscaping is an art that requires both an in-depth knowledge of nature and technical acumen to successfully complete. Many landscape professionals are professional architects who specialize in this area and collaborate with teams of specialists from engineers to horticulturists on each project.

Home heating and cooling needs can be significantly decreased with proper landscaping techniques, thanks to trees, shrubs, groundcovers or vines strategically placed around a property that are designed to deflect or diffuse sunlight and dissipate solar heat energy thereby moderating thermal loads and decreasing mechanical cooling requirements.

Trees provide another benefit by blocking direct sun glare on buildings in summer months, which can drastically lower cooling costs and electric bills. They also help deflect winter winds to help prevent energy loss.landscape design adelaide5. Value

Though curb appeal may be hard to put a price on, homes with well-manicured landscaping typically sell for between 5% to 12% more than properties without. According to one study, this may be because landscape gives homebuyers an initial positive impression before considering improvements such as overall condition or other updates to a property.

Landscapers are an interdisciplinary group of professionals that collaborate closely with other experts in their fields to bring projects to fruition. To do so effectively, they require strong communication skills for explaining designs, discussing any problems during construction and finding swift and suitable solutions quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, landscapers need to be familiar with local plant and soil conditions in order to make projects functional yet sustainable.



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