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Frequently Asked Questions : Opal Gemstone

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Opal stone is ruled by Venus which representing love and beauty. Its mystical charm denoted by the names ‘आपल’ in Hindi and ‘Opala’ in Sanskrit, derives its celestial powers from Venus.

For those born in October, it is significant as an opal birthstone that balances out the poor influence of Venus in birth charts. Wearing it is thought to bring about social elevation, bodily health, and financial prosperity in addition to its visual appeal. While Opal Stone is considered the birthstone of Libra in Western astrology, in Indian astrology it is linked to Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi. It’s interesting to note that ascendants of Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, and Capricorn are advised to use this gemstone.

Q1: What’s a Gemstone Opal? 

A gorgeous milky white stone, opal is highly desirable. Because of its beauty and “play of color” (fire) impact, opal has unexpectedly gained a lot of popularity and demand. Opal is prized for its unparalleled beauty and astrological significance. 

Q2: Can You Explain The Opal ‘Play Of Color’ (Fire) Effect?

 Because light enters the Opal through the spaces between the silica spheres inside, a play of color is produced. The light is split into the colors of the spectrum by the bending effect that occurs when it must bend to fit through the opening. 

Q3: Which month’s birthstone is opal? 

The birthstone for the month of October in Western astrology is opal. 

Q4: Which Planet Is Connected To Opal?

 In Indian Vedic astrology, opal is the gemstone associated with the planet Venus (Shukra). Venus is a symbol for worldly ambitions, romance, richness, luxury, and marriage. Opal and diamonds work incredibly well together as astrological gemstones for the Venus (Shukra) Planet. For the wearer, it brings prosperity in terms of money, health, and social standing. 

Q5: Who Is Fit to Wear Opal? 

For someone whose horoscope includes Venus’s Mahadasha or Antardasha (Shukra), opal is highly recommended. According to Indian astrology, Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) rashis are assigned Opal ratna

Opal is a recommended birthstone for Libra signs in Western astrology. The ascendants of Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo can also wear opal gems.

Q6: What Advantages Does Opal Offer?

 The most favored gemstone in astrology for Venus (Shukra) is opal. Benefits of opal includes more personal refinement, more luxury, enhanced creative potential, and healthier relationships. Venus also represents women’s general health and well-being. Wearing opal can help resolve marital problems and foster love, harmony, and understanding between partners. Opal is utilized to preserve a high social standing and opulent lifestyle in addition to improving financial circumstances. Opal, which is linked to the planet of invention and creativity, is thought to be extremely helpful for people who struggle with lack of inspiration, creative blockages, and life insecurities. 

Q7: Which nation produces  high quality opal gemstones?

The degree of the stone’s “fire” effect of color play determines the grade of opal gemstones. Australian opals are the highest quality and most expensive. 

Q8: What Is Opal’s Price? 

The color, purity, and cut of an opal stone determine its cost. Additionally, it is determined by the surface’s rainbow color pattern. In India, the cost per carat varies from ₹2000 ($25) to ₹10,000 ($150).

Q9: How Should Opal Rings Be Worn in Astrology? 

Wearing opal in silver or any other white metal alloy, such as platinum and white gold, is recommended. On Friday, opal should be worn on the index finger. For optimal effects, opal needs to be correctly cleansed, energized, and activated. 

Q10: Where Can I Purchase Opal?

 Purchase only natural Opal stones that have been authenticated by reliable and trustworthy laboratories from knowledgeable gemologists. Shubh Gems offers direct-from-the-mine opal gemstones that are 100% natural and certified.

Q11: Can opals be used in engagement rings?

Opals are beautiful but relatively softer than traditional engagement stones like diamonds. While some people use opals in engagement rings, they may require more care to prevent damage.

Q12: Are synthetic opals available?

Yes, synthetic or lab-created opals are produced to mimic natural opals. They share similar optical properties but are usually more affordable than natural opals.

Q13: How do I determine the quality of an opal?

The quality of an opal is assessed based on factors such as color intensity, play-of-color, pattern, transparency, and overall condition. High-quality opals often have a vibrant play-of-color with a well-defined pattern.

Q14: Can opals change color or lose their play-of-color over time?

Opals can be sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, but if well cared for, they should maintain their color and play-of-color over time.


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