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How do I Upgrade my Delta Flight from Economy to Business?

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Suppose you have booked a seat in Delta Airlines, but now you have changed your mind and want to upgrade your seat to business class and make your flight journey comfortable. Before doing that, you need to learn and be aware of Delta Business Class Upgrade policy, its process, and charges, which you will read in the below-mentioned guidelines.

How do I Upgrade my seat on Delta?

You can upgrade your seat easily by following these steps. Delta allows you to upgrade your ticket during check-in and while booking. Also, you can upgrade anytime using online procedures.

Upgrade your seat via calling the phone:

You can upgrade by yourself using an online approach. For that, follow these steps:

  • Visit and choose the My Trip section.
  • Enter your confirmation/ticket number along with the first and last name of the passenger.
  • When your flight shows up on the list. You can choose it and go to the seat upgrade option.
  • You must select a seat and pay the extra service cost there.
  • Once you have paid the seat upgrade amount, you will get the latest flight and ticket details in your email.

What fees do I have to Pay for a seat upgrade on Delta?

Well, the fees for seat upgrades start from $20 to $200. Generally, it depends on whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. Delta seat upgrade fees vary from flight to flight and depend on the destinations and cabins, flight lengths, and number of passengers.

Can I Request for a Seat Upgrade at the Airport Counter?

When checking in or visiting the airport desk, you can upgrade your seat anytime. Try to upgrade your seat before check-in. The Delta customer support team at the airport will gladly serve you by providing the required comfort.

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