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Who is the Best India Import Export Data Provider?

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If you’re involved in import/export trading in India, having access to accurate and up-to-date trade data is absolutely essential.

Import and export figures, commodity prices, trade policies, and duties/tariffs are constantly changing.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need a reliable data provider that can give you the latest information at your fingertips.

That’s where Siomex comes in  the leading online provider of India import export data.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a small trader, or somewhere in between, Siomex has the data solutions you need to streamline your operations and maximize profits.

What Makes Siomex the Best?

Comprehensive Data Coverage

With over years of experience, Siomex maintains an enormous database covering over 18,000 commodities traded through Indian ports, airports, ICDs, CFSs and LCSs.

Their import export data comes directly from official sources like the DGCI&S and is meticulously cleaned, processed and updated daily.

User Friendly Data Access

Siomex doesn’t just provide raw data dumps. Their online data platform allows users to easily search, filter, analyze and download relevant trade information.

You can look up shipment details by product, port, country, supplier, date range and more with just a few clicks. The data can be exported to Excel or other formats for further analysis.

Powerful Analytical Tools

Going beyond just presenting numbers, Siomex offers a range of analytical tools to help make sense of the trade data. Detailed reports, charts and market intelligence allow you to identify trends, spot opportunities, benchmark against competitors and streamline your supply chain.

Customized Data Solutions

While Siomex has ready-made data subscription plans, they also offer customized data solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Their team of experts can extract, transform and package trade intelligence in whatever way works best for your operations.

Top Notch Data Security

When dealing with commercial data, security and privacy are paramount concerns. Siomex maintains strict data security protocols to protect client information.

Their online platform uses advanced encryption, access controls, auditing and other measures to safeguard data integrity.

Unmatched Customer Support

Great data is only useful if you know how to access and utilize it properly. Siomex has a dedicated support team to assist clients with everything from basic queries to setting up complex data integrations and analytics solutions

Their customer service is consistently praised by users.

With their unparalleled data coverage, user-friendly tools, analytical capabilities, customization options, stringent security protocols and world class support, Siomex is indisputably the best import export data provider in India today


If you want to take your trading business to new heights,partnering with Siomex is an obvious choice.

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