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Why Choose a Right IIT-JEE Maths Tutor from Class 11 & 12 Beginning

This is one of the most important questions you will have as you consider whether or not to make the investment. Knowledge provides the best return on investment. And if done correctly, it raises you to a higher level. Mr. S.K.Singh Bhaskar has over 28 years of experience teaching students all over India, and he understands the complexities of the teaching profession. Mr. Bhaskar's assistance in achieving goals and improving math skills benefits a large number of students.

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According to the National Testing Agency (NTA) more than 1 million students took the JEE (Main) 2023 exam, but there were only 17,385 available seats available in IITs all over India. For you to stand out from others and achieve a good rank in IIT-JEE it’s important to become really excellent at maths in your 11th and 12th grade classes.

But who can assist you in accomplishing this task? The answer is an experienced and skilled maths teacher for class 11th and 12th grade.In this blog we will guide you towards your IIT-JEE success and help you find the right tutor for mathematics.

 Class 11th Maths: Building Blocks for IIT-JEE Preparation


Class 11th is when the important basics for preparing for IIT-JEE are taught. This grade is very important because it prepares you for more difficult subjects in the future. Mathematics is an important part of the IIT-JEE syllabus, so it should be given extra focus. This is when it becomes clear that students need a dedicated maths teacher for class 11th who is solely focused on teaching maths.


An IIT maths teacher can greatly assist students in understanding difficult concepts in 11th grade maths. The teacher’s knowledge and skills not only help students understand the basics but also teach them problem-solving methods and equations that will be very useful during their IIT-JEE preparation


Topics like algebra, trigonometry and calculus in 11th grade maths are the basic topics that form the foundation for more advanced concepts in IIT-JEE. A talented IIT maths teacher makes sure students really understand these concepts which helps them build a solid foundation for their studies.

Class 12th Maths: Bridging the Gap to IIT-JEE


The maths subject in 12th grade is like a bridge connecting what you learned in 11th grade with more advanced topics you will encounter in the IIT-JEE exam. It requires you to have an in-depth understanding of concepts and be good at solving problems. This is where finding the best maths teacher for class 12th becomes very important.


A good teacher at this level not only goes over the basic stuff again but also guided students towards more advanced topics and problem-solving strategies needed for IIT-JEE. A good teacher can make students feel more confident and able to solve difficult maths problems easily.


In 12th-grade maths subject students encounter difficult topics like- applications of integrals, three dimensional Geometry & probability. These topics are important because they help you prepare for the difficult maths problems we will face in the IIT-JEE exam. An experienced IIT maths teacher can navigate students through these topics effectively so that they can be ready for the competitive exam.

The Role of Experienced Maths Teacher in IIT-JEE Preparation

When we discuss IIT-JEE, it is really important to have the best maths teacher for IIT JEE. These teachers are more than just educators. They are like mentors for helping students navigate through the difficult IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced exam. This is how their presence will create an impact:

i). Conceptual Clarity: IIT-JEE maths teachers make sure students fully understand all maths topics of the syllabus.. They simplify difficult topics to make them easier to understand for students.

ii). Problem-Solving Skills: They teach students how to solve problems in a way that is necessary for answering IIT-JEE questions. You can improve these skills by practicing regularly and getting help from someone guiding you.

iii). Practice Makes Perfect: The teacher gives lots of practice questions and mock tests to gauge a student’s progress. These resources are very important in finding topics in which each student is lacking and needs extra attention.

iv). Motivation and Guidance: The path to IIT-JEE is difficult and demands a solid dedication from students. A good teacher gives students the encouragement and support they need to stay on track and overcome difficulties.



When studying for the IIT-JEE exam having mentorship of an experienced maths teacher is really important. For your convenience, if you are searching for “best iit maths teacher near me”  then Bhaskar Classes is the best place to go for class 11th and 12th maths classes. Their prestigious institute is situated in Dwarka (Delhi) area and they also provide online maths classes to students all over India.  They offer excellent preparation for the IIT-JEE exam.


So with the right guidance and mentorship you can build a strong mathematical foundation and increase your chances of achieving the IIT dreams.

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